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Miss Crystal, Jacklynn, Juliana, and Tristyn

Three of our outstanding students attended Hall of Fame Nationals in Chicago, Illinois in July of 2008 with stellar results. Two of our dances scored so highly in the overalls that they were asked to participate in the competitors showdown that highlights the close of the competition. The routines included were “Shaking The Blues Away” a tap solo performed by Juliana Sadowski and “Love Affair” a teen trio performed by Jacklynn Pierik, Juliana Sadowski, and
Tristyn Woodley. We are extremely proud of our students and are thrilled to be a part of their artistic education. Additionally, Miss Crystal Ahlberg was awarded a much coveted Choreography award for her routine “Love Affair”. To the right, Our students pictured with Sonya Tayeh as seen on “So You Think You Can Dance”, and Jesse, Jason, and Nolan all Hall of Fame Faculty.

“Love Affair” – Platinum 1st place and 3rd Overall – Trio
“Shaking the Blues” – Platinum 1st Place 5th Overall – Juliana Sadowski
“Headlock” – High Gold 6th Overall – Jacklynn Pierik
“Hundred” – High Gold – Tristyn Woodley

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